Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How we got The Elf on a shelf

I love Christmas, I love the joy and happiness it brings, I love the peaceful spirit that surrounds us, I love the smells of the Holiday, I love everything about it. Growing up my parents ALWAYS made a HUGE deal out of Christmas! They created so many fun traditions for us that I am now able to use with my own little family along with creating some of our own. I want my kids to grow up remembering how magical the Christmas season is!
A new tradition for our family this year is The Elf on a shelf! I wanted to make this gift extra special and not just hand it to them like it was straight from the store, so I came up with this...
I left with the kids to go take some pictures of them and had Brandon put this out on the porch for them to see when we got home.

They were jumping with excitment when they saw it!

The letter from Santa makes it even more magical!

So the gift set came with the Elf and the book and I purchased the movie too.

For family home evening that night we opened the gifts, read the card, watched the movie and talked about how special this gift is and how lucky they are that Santa trusted our family enough to send his HEAD ELF FREDDY to stay with us and watch over them. After some yummy hot chocolate and warm cookies we got our jammies on and read the book. Bedtime was a breeze that night!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


Amanda said...

How cute is that?!! Man you are just so organized & creative! I was just trying to think of some new traditions. What a cute idea!

Unknown said...

cute!! looks like Santa and the tooth fairy have the same hand writing.. better watch out they might figure that out (:

Tami Anderson said...

Hey! I just noticed that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy have the EXACT same handwriting! Weird!

Chastina said...

Fun! I'm sure the kids will love wondering where the Elf will be.

Brian*Apryl*Bentley said...

That is so fun! I've wanted one but haven't found one. I'm sure your kids love it. PS I totally love your handwriting on the card it's super cute.